About us

Naturavicina is a project by DIBA BIO INNOVATIVE FARM Società Agricola a.r.l. founded in 2015 from the willing of three friends in Molise who wish to give value to natural products through technology.

Francesco, Donato e Antonio, founders of Naturavicina


The aim is to offer to everyone the chance to enjoy benefits of an uncontaminated territory and its sane principles, having trace of products even without owing lands to cultivate. A dream come true due to the creation of Naturavicina brand, in 2017, and implementation of a portal for individual production of organic products through which it is possible to cultivate a garden and/or rent an olive grove from remote.

Starting from the soil, the water and pure air of Matese mountains, we study innovative agricultural techniques which safeguard environment in total respect of landscape and people, with the aim to:

  • start an autonomous agricultural methodology exploiting local resources;
  • preserve natural fertility of the soil;
  • avoid any kind of pollution caused by industrial technologies;
  • produce food of high nutritious quality in proper quantity.

At this point, our passion encounters that of who wants to establish or rediscover contact with nature, especially if living in an urban place. With Naturavicina it is possible: generosity of the soil together with technological innovation allows to offer to everyone everywhere a new way of farming.

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